Arnold Cogswell Grant - THANK YOU!

December 20, 2020

Along with many others, we’ve been hard-hit in many ways at Crossroads by the punches of COVID-19. While we’ve finagled and planned, revised and pivoted along the way, we’ve kept our students and staff body safe and healthy, and things have been relatively smooth, albeit challenging. But money issues have been difficult; there are so many things we only needed a little of before that we need a lot of now, such as hand sanitizer, bleach, gloves, paper towels…. There are also many things that we didn’t need before that we need now in abundant quantities, such as masks, gowns, touch-free thermometers, porta-sinks, tents during good weather, extra picnic tables, tons of technology items, and so on.

We are blessed to have tremendous help from our community to get through these times. The Arnold Cogswell Health Fund of the Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region  has given us a grant for $4000 to help, specifically with health and safety items needed. We’re incredibly thankful for this wonderful support, and thrilled to one of the organizations that the Arnold Cogswell Fund cares about!

As found on the Community Foundation’s website:


The majority of Community Foundation grants are made in partnership with individuals, families, or organizations who work with the Foundation to facilitate their charitable giving through donor advised funds.  In order to better support donors’ philanthropy and provide the maximum financial support possible to meet community needs, staff augments the funds available through our competitive grant programs by connecting donors to organizations, issues, and approaches aligned with their interests.  We regularly refer proposals we receive in conjunction with competitive grant cycles to our donor advisors.

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