Arctic Classroom Themes to Chill With

January 14, 2019

  Can’t you just feel the icy breeze on your face, and hear the crunching of snow under your feet when you take in these chillastic projects created in classroom themes?


You’d think we were right in the Arctic!

Walking in the snow in your warm mittens, boots, hat and coat, meeting up with penguins and polar bears, and building snow people, along the way.   

These are the types of images that come to mind for Winter for many people, and images the teachers in this classroom want their students to have in mind as well.


Building familiarity with life experiences helps children to draw upon prior knowledge, building bridges between experiences out in the community, at school and at home. In the case of the polar bear, walrus and penguin, teachers want their kiddos to know the animals that live in certain habitats, even if they’re only likely to see them at the zoo, or in movies.


Looking at these masterpieces, you can see that the students got lots of practice of tactile and fine motor skills, opportunities for communication and interaction, and a reinforcing sensory experience too. Great job, everyone!

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