Arctic Animals and Winter Weather ART Gallery - themes that kids love in the classrooms

January 19, 2018


This post is more of an Art Gallery post than it is informational. So many of our readers and Facebook followers comment that they love to see the projects created by the kids. This gives them a real feel for the work that is done here on a daily basis. Of course, everyone knows that art projects aren’t ALL that are done here on a daily basis. There are many aspects of the school day! However, through projects, the students get opportunities to practice all kinds of skills, learn more about a topic, explore new ideas, and have fun learning. The projects displayed around the walls and windows brighten up our school and the kids are proud to show visitors what they’ve produced. And the theme project displays are constantly changing, so what was up last week is probably replaced by a new theme today. So here goes with Artic Animals and the theme of Winter! Not every single class is represented every single time, but this several of the ten classrooms in the building. PS – our related service therapists are frequently involved in the themes and classroom projects also!

Room 12 did research projects on Arctic animals. Each student learned facts about his animal of choice as well as learning about some as a group.

Room 3’s penguins are so dapper in their hats! 

Room 1’s snow flakes are beautifully and uniquely formed!

Room 13’s penguins are heartful!

Room 11’s polar bears and their snow cave habitats.

Room 8’s polar bears are made fluffy with cotton balls!

Room 7 put together perky penguins and painted walruses. The tusks are plastic-ware!

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Hope you love these precious polar bears as much as we do!Love, Room 13#ArcticAnimals #PolarBears #WeLoveTeaching

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Group activities in the classroom can help form skills for school, home and life.Discrete trial training works by making the skill more manageable for the child