Appreciating our Volunteers!

June 21, 2017

Our first ever Volunteer Appreciation Assembly was yesterday!

We have been immensely privileged this year to have a wonderfully gifted group of individuals helping here at Crossroads as volunteers. Yesterday, we were delighted to recognize them with a school assembly and refreshments. We decorated with streamers and balloons, which made our short and sweet celebration extra exciting!  We were able to say a few words, present a gift, and most of all, hear several of our children read a short verse of thanks. We had a wonderful time!  

Kathleen, our first Classroom Helper here, has been helping in Room 1 since the very first day of school back in September, dedicating many hours per week to the classroom. The teachers and children cherish Kathleen. In addition to helping in the classroom, she came forward to take over the job of organizing our Library, adding hours to the time she has donated to the school.  There have also been so many countless ways she has pitched in at fundraisers and events this year. She was accompanied by her husband, Ed yesterday, who has gotten happily dragged into our cause several times throughout the year!

A short time later in September, Flori joined our family. She has been Room 3’s Classroom Helper this year, and each week has devoted many hours to Crossroads. Flori is treasured by the children and teachers in Room 3. She was escorted by her daughter who also loves coming to the school to see the kids and lend a hand when she can!  Melody, a student at SUNY Albany, came to us in October, and Room 12 has absolutely adored her. She contributed full days on the days she came and has worked tirelessly to learn the ABA techniques used here. Somewhere mid-year she was able to apply for a TA position and dedicate herself to the commitment of being a substitute when classes permitted. This semester although her schedule doesn’t allow for hours as an employee, she still has managed to come in as a volunteer again and has helped in almost every room.

These individuals were present and so we were able to give them a lot of applause and hugs, and also a small gift from the school. Also individual classrooms made special cards and gifts to present.

Not all of our volunteers were able to attend however.

Matthew was with us since November, bringing the infamous Tugg to visit the kids each week. As student at Union he contributed hours each week and increased them because more of the children wanted to spend time with Tugg. Matthew graduated and moved to Boston where he is working now at Boston’s Children Hospital. He wishes he could still come visit but finds that the commute is too far.

Christy has been a Classroom Helper in Room 7 since January. She has been a nurturing set of hands that the classroom holds dear. As a mom of two, she was not able to be with us yesterday but the classroom had a celebration for her and made her cry, she said. (In a loved kind of crying way).

Emily, a student at Union, joined us for her Spring semester, and was a wonderful Classroom Helper for Room 8. Her end of semester brought her home to Connecticut to be with her parents for the summer, and we  hope we will see her again in the future. Her classroom also had a special goodbye for her recently.

Altogether this crew of incredible people donated 676 hours and 19 minutes in the classrooms and instructional areas this year to our school!

 Thank you for sharing your LIGHT!

Thank you for your encourageMINT!

We love our volunteers and can’t imagine how we ever worked without them!

Please go to to learn more about the Volunteer Program.

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