October 12, 2017

Crossroads Center for Children’s Healthy Food Program is helping students to learn important skills for life.

Room 3 recently made home-made apple sauce. They ordered apples from the Capital Roots Veggie Mobile, and then took turns peeling and coring the apples with help from Ms. Melissa and her classroom team.

They used the crock-pot to cook the apples down and waited patiently for them to be soft enough to mash.

The process was very long – two days in fact! At the end, the children got a chance to try what they’d made! It was a big hit!

Crossroads continues to be deeply grateful to The Schenectady Foundation for financing this program through their grant program. This program allows our teachers to introduce new and healthy foods to their students on a regular, ongoing basis, in order to overcome eating difficulties that many of our children experience.

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