Annual Campaign & Giving Tuesday Gratitude!

January 07, 2021
1.5.2020 Thank you again to everyone who has helped us raise $ 41,387.00 to run our school this year.
We are beyond grateful for this wonderful generosity and caring for our mission and students. Please scroll down to join us in thanking all who’ve contributed.

12.29.20 To all who have contributed to our Annual Campaign, THANK YOU! We can’t thank you enough for your wonderful generosity!

Whether you donated an item for our Giving Tuesday online auction, won an auction item, or made a monetary gift, we are deeply grateful for your kindness and caring for our students and families. We’re also grateful to those who made videos for our Giving Tuesday video-thon and those who helped promote our event. Without your help, we would not be able to carry out our work and mission. Together we are making an impact on many lives and futures.

So far we’ve raised $15,021.00, $864. of which was from our auction. And there are still 2 days to go before the end of the calendar/tax year! Please help us by sharing with anyone you know who might be looking to make a meaningful charitable donation before 2020 ends. While donations are always critical for our organization, there are some important benefits to donors making gifts in 2020!

Campaign $ donors:

Matt Ramotar  |  Kathleen & Ed Davis  |  Claire M. Baldwin  |  Phyllis & Frank McGill  |  Audrey Capers  |  Facebook Donors | Wendy & Ira Whitman | Mari & Larry Bartholomew  |  JoAnn Heimburg  | Debbi Traficante  |  Sid & Vicki Ramotar  |  Megan Hannah  |  The Crows Nest  |  Teresa Low  |  Christine Alibrandi  |  Kenneth Goad  |  Michelle & Walter Smiley | John & Jenn Galvin  |  Crystal & John Hoey  |  Granville Walbridge  |  Theresa Gaston  |  Laura Pietromonaco |  Ray & Joan Hull  | Darlene Harris |  Barbara & Owen Germain | Rite Aid Foundation | CDPHP The Foundation |  Joan Jacques | I Love You Man Fund of Maloney’s Pub  | Kelly Largeteau-Holt  |

Press Release:                                                                                     Web Support:

Stephen Bogdan                                                                       Matt Ramotar


Crystal Hoey | Cara Izzo  | Kenneth Goad  | Steve Oill  |  Debbi Traficante | Teresa Low | Cindy Barkowski

Fundraising Champions: (Created FB fundraisers for Crossroads Giving Tuesday)

Kelly Young  | Lindsay Gotham  | Vicki Ramotar | Cindy Barkowski  | Laura Voght Pietromonaco | Annie Grzywaczewski  | Carol Mould  | Megan Pierce | Farzana Farzana | Danielle Elissa | Victoria Folino | Laura Medieros | Christa Grant | Jackie Reilly  |

Item donors:

Via Aquarium | Melissa Zager  | Marjorie Powell   |  Jennifer Sandshaw   | Molly Kate Kelly  |  Room 1 students and staff  |  Picaboo  |  Crossroads  |  Bella Vita  |  Kathy Desbiens  |   Kenneth Goad  | Barbara Pitcher  |  Kathleen Galvin-Davis |  Sid & Vicki Ramotar

Auction winners:

Wendy Whitman  | Cindy Barkowski  |  Phyllis McGill  | Charlie Lent Reyes  | JoAnna Scarberry DiDonna  |  Tracey Lafreniere  | Phyllis Sleeper  | Barbara Pitcher  | Brittany Countryman  | Kelly Young  |  Debbi Traficante  |  Kim Siciliano  |  Laura Voght Pietromonaco  |  Kathleen Galvin-Davis |  Vicki Ramotar  | Madelyn Thorne  |


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