Annual Campaign for Crossroads Center for Children

October 08, 2019

There are a great many things that make Crossroads so special.

This school is truly one of a kind. Crossroads has a mission and work ethic that are unmatched in our area.

Without this school in the picture, our region’s children with some of the most significant needs would have nowhere to turn. And the work that we do is very much needed. It is not something that others are doing, nor is this work simply nice to do. It is truly necessary, for the children that we serve first and foremost, and next for their families, then for their communities, the schools they will later attend, the colleges they will someday go to, the jobs they will have down the road.

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Crossroads is unique. We are different most of all in our strict adherence to the use of practices approved through research and as such, Applied Behavior Analysis. Those who share our belief in scientifically sound methods are able to see the measurable progress that our children make here, not typically overnight, but measurable, replicable, and real.

For instance, Elaine, an eleven year old girl who loves sequins and the color pink. Elaine loves to dance and spin. Her favorite food is pizza with nothing on it but cheese. Like other girls her age, she loves to be outdoors. But unlike other children her age, Elaine still wears a diaper or pull-up. Until this year she refused to use the toilet. You can probably understand that this presented a challenge for her at her school and at home. Everything imaginable was tried in the past to teach Elaine to use the potty – from bringing her to the bathroom at a scheduled time each day, to making the bathroom “sensory friendly.” But as she grew older, all involved started to feel that this was one of the areas she would never be able to make process in. In other words they’d lost hope.

Or, Jasper, a two and a half year old boy who loves trucks and Barney. While very happy at home with his family, Marcy, Jasper’s mother, had stopped taking him out of the house. When he was an infant she’d tried taking him with her for errands, but he’d always become so tense that she started to rush her errands in order to get him back home quickly. She began to avoid taking him with her, and when she didn’t have an alternative to taking him, his tantrums grew increasingly intense. Barry, Jasper’s father, works long hours, and Marcy would like to start working again, but feels she’ll never be able to return to the work force since Jasper would need to go to a daycare setting. In other words they too had lost hope.

For both families things have changed. Because of the challenges they were facing in their lives, their children began attending Crossroads. At Crossroads there’s no such thing as losing hope. Both students have been making steady progress. Elaine is using the toilet and Jasper is coming to school each day. Marcy is working, part time to start. Both families know that their child’s gains are because of the ABA practices that are being incorporated into their education plans.

Since 1998, Crossroads has been serving children and families from all over the region. Crossroads is the only school of its kind in our region. For 20 years we’ve expanded in scope and size to meet the needs of an increased number of children who need our help. Our school operates in large part on the charitable giving of our generous community. We need to win grants and request donations to make up the large gap between what we earn in tuition payments and the actual costs of running an organization such as this.

As the holiday season draws near, we wish most of all to express gratitude for the wonderful generosity of our extraordinary and supportive community. For the work of a nonprofit organization cannot be sustained without such support.

While our program is flourishing, expenses are stretched more than ever. We continue as a non-profit program and raise most of our own funds to meet our students’ needs. Our gratitude is great for those who give at this time of the year, as our annual campaign donors provide the strength of the foundation that our work can build upon each year. These are the donors who are giving most charitably and to the most important need of all – our ability to operate and exist.

As the end of the year approaches, please consider Crossroads as a beneficiary for your charitable giving. Please consider helping with this year’s annual campaign; we need your help to continue to run the individualized programs that our students need to be successful in their lives. Your gift today from will contribute to the school’s needs of sustaining what our students need: a safe and secure building, dedicated and highly skilled staff, appropriate materials and equipment and necessary services. 

By phone:  518.280.0083 ext. 100

By mail: Crossroads Center for Children  

1136 N. Westcott Road,  Suite 100 

Schenectady, NY 12306



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On behalf of our whole program, thank you for your support and caring. Please let us hear from you, and let our everyone involved with our students continue to have hope.

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