Almost Back to School!

September 01, 2017

Are you ready for Back to School?

During this break, lots has been happening here at Crossroads Center for Children!

Daycare has been having lots of fun! The floors have been cleaned and waxed. The walls have been washed. Files have been stored, new binders made ready, and a new classroom has been built!

Check out how shiny the floors are! Don’t they look awesome?

  From orchestrating a new build, to setting up programs for new students and staff… From double-checking Individualized Education Plans (IIEPs), to ordering and receiving new furniture and instructional supplies….From orientations for new volunteers, to paying the bills and preparing for our year ahead….. From setting up classrooms to lesson planning….. So many productive people and pieces working together for the school and program.

Talk about productive! A couple of rooms received a beautiful fresh coat of paint by their teachers and their families! The rooms look so awesome and the extra effort is so greatly appreciated!

Speaking of extra effort! Before the break the classrooms and therapy rooms were cleared out for the floors to be done, so now people have been working hard to put everything back in! Once furniture, work buckets, materials and supplies are returned to the room, things can be situated for the new group of kids coming in, labels and nametags can be placed, visual cues can be strategically positioned.

And the BRAND NEW classroom, Room 13, is almost ready to move into! As soon as the floor – just waxed today – is ready for furnishings, this newest school age classroom will be an exciting addition to the school.

  Once moved in, focusing on lesson planning and material preparation is key to being ready and prepared – not just for the first day back to school, but for the weeks, months and year ahead.

While not everyone is pictured, everyone’s been getting ready for the new year at Crossroads. We are all very excited and can’t wait to see the kids. We are ready for Back to School! We’re psyched to have a great school year!

Here’s the school calendar 2017 2018 SCHOOL CALENDAR for your printable pleasure!

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