Allen Foundation Grant will support the Healthy Food Program!

June 15, 2018

Thank you, Allen Foundation, Inc.!

A grant from Allen Foundation, Inc. will help run the school’s Healthy Food Program! This is the first grant made to Crossroads by The Allen Foundation, and Crossroads is thrilled to receive this support.

The Healthy Food Program is aimed at helping children tolerate new and healthy foods, an important area to address with the young students who attend the school. The grant will allow the school to purchase foods and ingredients for recipes that the students can make and try within their classrooms. The children learn about food nutrition, sources, and preparation through the program. The program has run on grant funding since being started in 2013. The Hawley Foundation and The Schenectady Foundation were the original funders of the program. This past 2017-18 school year, The Schenectady Foundation was the sole financier of the program, which has grown steadily as the school has grown. Allen Foundation, Inc.’s support is greatly appreciated.

Allen Foundation, Inc. was established in 1975 by William Webster Allen, an agricultural chemist. The foundation makes grants to projects that benefit human nutrition in the areas of education, training and research.

See the press release here:allenfoundation PRESS ANNOUNCEMENT


A grant from KeyBank Foundation will help Crossroads update technology needs!Stirring up the goods!