All the way to Z!

August 25, 2017

W, X, Y and Z!

It was just a few weeks ago that Room 3 brought us into their awesome alphabet theme of summer 2017.

Room 3 is Lovin’ the Letters!


Here’s an update.

Teachers at Crossroads – whether in the integrated preschool classrooms, the school age classrooms, or the before and after school daycare classroom – use learning themes. Classroom themes can help children to:

  •  understand new ideas and concepts
  • scaffold learning of prior knowledge to new information
  • connect a web of content areas within a common theme
  • address concepts and skills in new ways
  • integrate NYS learning standards
  • generate enthusiasm and interest in leaning
  • incorporate specialized interests within diverse groups

and much more.

Room 3’s theme over the summer session (“ESY” – Extended School Year) used a letter/ABC/alphabet theme to address literacy skills, yet as you can see from their art gallery wall, they brought into play so many other things as well.

From learning about animals and objects, to using functional communication and social interaction skills within their working groups, and from practicing fine motor skills such as cutting and pasting, to following functional directions such as “get your glue” and “put your paper on the table,” to thinking of what letter says /p/  after creating a P-Puzzle….. well the kids were excited, engaged and productive to say the least.

Hope you’ve enjoyed catching up on Room 3’s recent accomplishments. If you would like to learn more about this and other classrooms, please visit, or call us for a tour: (518) 280-0083.

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