Acts of Kindness Heart for a February Theme that everyone loves

February 22, 2018

If you follow us on Facebook you’ve already seen a post about our Acts of Kindness and how it is an annual Crossroads tradition to “heart” others for their kindness.

And you will already know who got the very first February heart this year. 

If you haven’t yet seen it, you’ll want to catch up here for some inspiration:

But new hearts are going up by the hour, so for the month of February, please return to this page to see our display of Acts of Kindness. It will be updated to display new hearts each week this month.  he kids love getting these hearts as a concrete reinforcement for their positive behaviors. Some of the kids by the end of the month each year, will also give hearts to adults too. We love this tradition, and hope you’ll try it at home or in your own classroom or other workplace!

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Here’s an update on 2/9/18:

What kind people are here in our school! Check back next week for more!

Room 11’s Kindness Christmas Countdown – teaching compassion to elementary aged children



Update on 2/12/18:

Yowzers! Check out all of the new hearts representing Acts of Kindness!

It seems that kindness is catchy!

Update on 2/22/18:

Well it seems that the kindness hearts have almost filled the display. Good thing there are only 3 days left of February when the kids come back next week!


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