ABA Therapy Clinic

  • ABA Therapy Via Insurance and Private Pay

    The ABA Clinic at Crossroads Center for Children, located in Schenectady, NY, specializes in providing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy to children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. ABA is an empirically based science that is used to analyze the relationship between a child and their environment and improve socially significant behavior. Services are provided by Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and highly skilled behavior technicians.  

    A variety of skills can be targeted using the science of ABA, ranging from improvement of play and leisure skills, adaptive skills, communication skills, social skills, to addressing toilet training issues, various sleep and eating issues, as well as problem behaviors. An individualized plan is created to meet the needs of children and their families. Therapy may occur at the Clinic, the child’s home, daycare, and/or other community settings.

    Families can contract with the clinic for ABA services that are funded by private pay or via insurance coverage. Many insurance policies now have an autism benefit that allows for coverage of ABA services for children with an ASD diagnosis.  We are available to work with families and their insurance company to determine the availability of coverage.

    Contact  carolyns@crossroadcenter.org or info@crossroadcenter.org

  • ABA Therapy Clinic Team

    • Carolyn Scanlon
      Behavior Analyst.
      Phone: (518) 280-0083 125
    • Breanna Maggart
      Behavior Analyst
      Phone: (518) 280-0083
    • Laura Sqambelluri
      Teaching Assistant Room 1.
      Phone: (518) 280-0083
    • Alicia West
      Teaching Assistant Room 12, Registered Behavior Technician.
      Phone: (518) 280-0083


    • Jessica Palmateer
      Registered Behavior Technician.
      Phone: (518) 280-0083
    • Meggie Diegelman
      Teaching Assistant Room 13.
      Phone: (518) 280-0083
    • Melissa Barnes
      Behavior Technician; Teaching Assistant Room 14.
      Phone: (518) 280-0083
    • Danielle Winning
      Behavior Technician; Teaching Assistant Room 11.
      Phone: (518) 280-0083
    • Jessica Bishop
      Behavior Technician.
      Phone: (518) 280-0083
    • Alysha Khan
      Behavior Technician, Phone: (518) 280-0083
    • Jenna Egan
      Behavior Tehnician ABA Clinic .
      Phone: (518) 280-0083