A Visit From Tugg!

October 12, 2017

Readers might remember that Tugg was a weekly visitor at Crossroads for many months last year.  http://crossroadcenter.org/happenings-55/  Today, several children and staff were over-joyed to see him again!

Recently we were thrilled to receive a wonderful donation of several whiteboards from Mrs. Kerry’s husband, Rick. His place of work, ASML in Clifton Park, was relocating; Rick thought of Crossroads when he came across some large, very solid whiteboards while preparing for the move, knowing that we are always on the lookout for donations for the school! We were greatly thankful for his thoughtfulness as well as for the generosity of his company, and also to Kerry, who trucked all of the whiteboards to get them here. The whiteboards were distributed to the spaces around the school where they will be hung.

Today we have another Rick to thank! The Rick who owns the Cock n’ Bull Restaurant in Galway, who has come to our rescue countless times in countless ways, and who owns Tugg, our favorite furry former reading buddy, came in today to hang the whiteboards!

Tugg was a great help to Rick, for certain! Tugg also got a few hugs in with some old friends.

The hanging of the whiteboards is a project to be continued for now, and we’re extremely thankful for this help. We’re always happy for the visits, too!

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