A Visit From Santa Claus

December 20, 2018

A Visit From Santa Claus and Ms. Elf today brought many smiles and hugs to Crossroads Center for Children!

Santa and his helper arrived with bells on just around noon today, and visited every classroom here. Children were surprised and delighted to see the pair of jolly souls and supplied a multitude of hugs and high fives. Each child received two presents from Santa. One that he brought with him along with a coloring book specially delivered to the school yesterday from friends at Boscov’s. 
Many parents popped in to enjoy seeing their child’s Santa time! Several remarked that it was the first time their child was happy to sit on Santa’s lap. One mother said that just yesterday her little boy was afraid of Santa, but today he was enjoying seeing the big guy in red.

We have a few pictures to share from today and hope our readers will enjoy them! 

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL! Thank you Santa and Elf, for your visit!

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