A Visit From Santa Claus

December 23, 2022

 12.8.22   SANTA CLAUS and MS. ELF will be visiting Crossroads! 

On Friday, 12/23, Santa and his favorite Elf are scheduled to visit us at Crossroads. They will visit each classroom, and each child will receive a gift. We’re so thankful that they are able to spare the time at this very busy time of year!

We’re also grateful for the help we have from Capital Region Toys For Tots! This is the 3rd year that our organization has been approved to be a T4T beneficiary. Yes, Santa needs help when it comes to gifts at schools!



We will share pictures here. If YOU have any pictures to add to this gallery, please email them as soon as you can to VickiR@Crossroadcenter.org!

Santa & Elf, 12.23.22

We were so thrilled that Santa and his favorite Elf were able to make it to our school today! Thank you to the reindeer for working so hard through the early fog and rain!

Santa and Elf visited each classroom. All students have been very, very good this year, and Santa always knows! They received presents and showed Santa and Elf lots of love and gratitude. Here are some pictures, and as always, any you’d like to be added can be emailed to Vickir@Crossroadcenter.org.




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