A Sweet Holiday Singalong!

December 27, 2018

 Who doesn’t love a singalong? There’s never been a more fun or uniting activity.

We were grateful for Richard and Phyllis Sleeper for bringing music and cheer here on Friday morning. Richard played the keyboard and Phyllis kept the song sheets in order. What a couple of kindhearted folks! Both are retired teachers – Richard a music teacher, and Phyllis an elementary teacher. Among many other volunteer and community activities, Crossroads has a special spot in both their hearts.

Having a special guest activity such as this means so much to everyone at Crossroads.  While we don’t have funding for a specialized Music Teacher or Music Therapist, our Special Education Teachers and Teaching Assistants conduct music activities each and every day in their classrooms. They all do a magnificent job of teaching songs and basic music concepts, while tying in a wide assortment of skills that their students need. Yet, the opportunity to have music presented by someone highly skilled is truly special!

Bringing all the school together for an assembly-style activity is also a prized enterprise at our school. Classrooms frequently pair up for activities, yet center-wide events are dependent upon volunteers and/or staff member organization. When special functions occur, they serve as excellent opportunities for students to access new forms of culture, gain exposure to their own preferences and interests, and learn the particulars of group and audience behavior.


On this occasion, the students were separated into two time-slots, the earlier for the preschool classrooms and the later for the school-age rooms. Children of all ages enjoyed the songs, some of which were selected by teachers ahead of time, and others which Richard had chosen to play. Some children benefited from guidance from staff regarding self-regulating for reception of noise levels, this being a chance to practice in a more crowded and loud environment than usually exists. Several children were especially interested in the keyboard instrument itself and had a chance to interact with it individually. One classroom brought jingle bells and delightfully enhanced the “Jingle Bells” song.

Thank you, Richard and Phyllis! We’re so grateful for your generosity of time and cheer!


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