A grant from KeyBank Foundation will help Crossroads update technology needs!

June 13, 2018

Many thanks to KeyBank Foundation for a new grant to help with technology development at Crossroads Center for Children.

Students will benefit from this grant as will teachers and therapists. This is the second year that KeyBank Foundation has supported this aspect of the program; before which time, First Niagara Foundation provided this grant to the school.

Technology development is a critical component of any school in today’s world, and as a non-profit, the extensive costs of keeping pace with our public school counterparts can be overwhelming. While Crossroads may not be able to offer everything technology has to offer in larger settings, we are happy to be able to expose our students to some of the current technology programming and develop skills to take them to their next settings.

This grant will help us to purchase computers and programming for classrooms and therapy settings, as well as help with server costs.

We are so very thankful to the foundation for their generosity and support!

Read the full press release here!   KeyBank Foundation PRESS ANNOUNCEMENT.


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