A Grant from CAP COM

August 19, 2021

8.10.21 Revising the Clinic Space

This project, made possible with the grant from CAP COM described below, is underway. Rather than build actual walls, a decision was made to rethink the space we have and revise upon that, to avoid monumental building costs.

The clinic had offices with doors and walls – these are now therapy rooms. The large open space that was previously the clinic space is now the offices. Cubicles were purchased, furniture to divide and give therapists space to work many in a shared large space, while children can be seen in the privacy of a therapy room. For these rooms, furnishings were also purchased to accommodate the storage of materials and learning toys.

CDPHP’s gift to us at Christmas also was instrumental in bringing this project to completion, as the total costs exceeded the funds of this grant.

The staff in the clinic worked hard to put together so many new pieces, and it looks great. We hope to share more pictures when they have completed this project.

8.6.21 Interview with CAP COM

CAP COM Federal Credit Union  granted 20 Infrastructure Initiative grants to local nonprofits, awarding $100,000. Learn about their first group of winners, including Crossroads, and the community impact they make: https://www.capcomfcu.org/community/infrastructure-winners/.

6.1.21 A new grant from CAP COM will get Crossroads started on an infrastructure project that we’ve been struggling to find funding for.

A $5,000 grant from CAP COM was announced earlier this week in support of a project that involves building separation walls for a growing population in our clinic space.

This morning, Kelly Young, Executive Director and Vicki Ramotar, Resource Development Specialist joined leaders from 19 other nonprofits in the region to attend a press conference at CAP COM’s headquarters in Albany. The conference gave attendees the opportunity to meet and chat and then participate in a recognition program where each organization was called up and their project was described.

We’re so thankful for the grant to begin this project which will allow us to have more students in the clinic space at the same time while safely separating them from each other. We’re also grateful for the opportunity to share our project description with the community, and are hopeful to receive additional funding through this information sharing.

Group activities in the classroom can help form skills for school, home and life.Last Day of ESY/Summer Session!