A Grant from Broadview

November 04, 2022

Curricular Support from Broadview FCU – 11.4.22

Our readers know that in the past we have received continuing support from both SEFCU and CAP COM federal credit unions. Now that these two partners have merged, we are proud to have maintained our relationship with Broadview FCU, and that they have provided a Curricular Extension grant for our ’22 – ’23 school year.

When we talk about curriculum here at Crossroads, we are talking in general about the pieces of teachers and therapists use to lead students to learn. Specifically for this grant request, we asked for help with materials for Learning Without Tears and Touch Math. Both of these programs are very hands-on and experiential, and both are highly adaptable for students with diverse learning needs.

Historically, both CAP COM and SEFCU have been supporters of our program as they’ve looked to make an impact on the learning of children. Something Crossroads has as a strength is being able to clearly demonstrate students’ progress, something, that now, more than ever, granting organizations like Broadview, want to see. We are thrilled to have this trust and partnership in making positive changes for children here!



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