A chat with a parent gives insight into charitable giving.

August 09, 2018

Recently a chat with a current parent to thank her for setting up a monthly, recurring donation to the school on our website, led to an awesome discussion of why she and her husband decided to take this route.

Obviously for the school, it is a huge help to know that  funds are coming in. Just like at home, the school has many bills to pay. Paying for the lease, insurance, supplies, payroll …. some expenses are weekly or bi-weekly while others are monthly, quarterly or annual. Some, too, are ongoing but irregularly occurring expenses that are places as needed. The point is, there are many expenses and meeting our needs is constant and continuous work. Knowing about money in the pipeline is a very good thing for any non-profit organization. Understanding what makes it a very good thing for the contributor, too, is what this post is about.

Why this couple decided to donate in the first place?

With a son in a preschool classroom, these parents have seen enormous gains since coming to Crossroads. More and more they saw the difference being made because of the programming that was individualized to meet their little boy’s needs. The mom said, “I felt like I was fighting for him before and no one was listening. A year and a half battle of feeling like I was going crazy.”

She says that it turned out that her child was hearing impaired, but no one was believing her.  “(Child) was out of control, climbing on things, having tantrums, being screamed at by his daycare… it was a really hard time for us. All of that has changed because of this school. I was like, ‘I know you’re in there, where are you?’ And now he’s with us.”

They also realized that Crossroads, as a non-profit organization, is operating with the challenge of raising revenue on a daily basis. 

“Donating comes from the knowledge that we are helping the resources for our kids to be better. It’s selfish. We want our kids to have a great playground, so when you did the mulch day, (husband) was there to help. We liked giving the tunnel to the room who wanted one on the wish list. It feels good to help the kids. It feels good to help them get the skills they need for Kindergarten readiness.” So they’ve been donating, volunteering for projects and attending events all in order to help and have the knowledge they are helping.

Why this couple decided to donate monthly?

In March, the couple attended Crossroads Center for Children’s annual Gala, and supported the evening’s fundraising efforts by bringing others with them and bidding on auction items. At this event they truly realized the need for ongoing fund-development for the school, and afterwards had an important conversation.  A short time later, they set up a monthly recurring donation to the school on the school’s website.

“We talked about our passion for this cause and how much we have gained by sending our son here. It’s why we’re sending (other child) in the fall. We know the importance of giving to the things you have a passion for because both of us grew up in homes with parents who were involved in helping and made a difference in non-profits. Our passion is special needs.”

“We wanted to make a real difference and help the people who help our kids. We looked at the money we’d already spent on the expensive place we previously had them in, and compared it to how much we’re spending now. How much would we be paying if we had to pay for the services he gets here? How much would we be paying for all of the individualized attention even the typically developing kids get? We figured out what we are saving by being here, and then divided it by the number of months in the year. It’s helpful to know that is all taken care of, we don’t have to remember, we don’t have to save up as compared to Christmas it s easier financially to not pay all at once. It was pretty pragmatic and mathematic to figure out. The setup on the website is so easy, so we decided to set it up for every month.”

What they want other supporters to think about?

“We’re not rich. It’s not like we have all this extra money. But how can we better serve the kids? There is this misconception that nonprofits get a lot of money from the state. It’s not like a public school, where you can raise the school taxes this year. People don’t realize what it costs to run a nonprofit organization, pay people, pay for the stuff you need like lights and rent and toilet paper. What that all means. So helping by donating money makes up that underfunding from the state rates and helps the school to carry out the work with the kids.”

“Little things can go a long way. Like the thera-putty you had on the Wish List, you know where that’s going and how it can help. But you guys need real money to run a school, too. I wish more parents realized the benefit to the kids it makes, how going to  a school where you individualize by needs makes a difference, how donating gives you the money you need to individualize like that.”

“Its’ like a hidden gem, your school. Where (child) was, he getting only play time, but was coming home with a lot of anxieties. He had zero play skills – even “parallel play” was him standing there not playing. The other kid would be playing, but he’d stand there with no interaction. There was no “yes” or “no”, not being able to tell me if he scratched himself or his tummy hurt. Now, he will ask to go play. We went to a state park on the weekend, and other kids were around, twice his age, and he just jumped into their game and played. That would never have happened before, especially in public with kids he didn’t know.  It’s such a difference, a different world that is gifted to us because he goes to your school.”


We’re so thankful to this couple and to the many others that support our mission to prepare children for success in their lives. We appreciate all of our donors and supporters very much. If you’d like to make a donation and would like to talk to someone about your interests, please call us at 518-280-0083. If you’re ready to make a difference today, please visit this page: http://crossroadcenter.org/donate/

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