4th of July Fireworks Art Project for children

July 13, 2018

Looking for a great fireworks art project to do with your kids for the 4th of July? Check out this one that Room 1 did this week!

This is an exciting art project to do with children to celebrate and teach about the 4th of July! This activity is wonderful for hands of all sizes. Bonus, it’s safe and fire-free!

Thanks to Room 1, we have step-by-step directions for how to pull off this amazing display of fireworks! All you need are some paper towel or toilet paper tubes, scissors and poster or tempera or paint.
First, cut your tubes on one end, a couple of inches in. You can do this for your child or class of children ahead of time if they aren’t able, and for children who are learning to cut, you can draw lines on the tube and give them a go! When you get the whole way around you’ll have a tube with fringes on one end.
Next, flatten the fringes outward with your hand, to get the ready for accepting paint.
Then, put the fringed end in a waiting tray of paint. Using the foam trays from groceries works really well for holding the paint. They are leak-proof,  have edges and are easy to rinse and reuse again and again. Between the paper tubes and the foam trays, you’re helping the children to recycle and help our planet, too!

Using the tube as a stamper, create beautiful bursts of fireworks on your paper. Using dark colored paper gives the piece a night-time feel. Use as many stamps and colors as you and your  child like! Voila! Your 4th of July fireworks are a beautiful work of art! Room 1’s teacher, Mrs. Kathy reported that all of her students loved this project! They all listened and watched attentively during the directions and modeling, and then stayed engaged and interested throughout the activity. Each student made several pieces, and their display is now lighting up their hallway art wall at Crossroads Center for Children!


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