'21 Annual Campaign / Giving Tuesday Gratitude!

January 03, 2022

The amount raised was last updated on 1/3/22 –

To all who have contributed to our Annual Campaign, THANK YOU!  We can’t thank you enough for your wonderful generosity! We will update this post until the campaign ends!

Whether you donated an item for our Giving Tuesday online auction, won an auction item, or made a monetary gift, we are deeply grateful for your kindness and caring for our students and families. Without your help, we would not be able to carry out our work and mission. Together we are making an impact on many lives and futures.

So far we’ve raised: Total:  $16,277.50towards our $20,000 goal. There is still time before the end of the calendar/tax year! Please help us by sharing with anyone you know who might be looking to make a meaningful charitable donation before 2021 ends. Donations are so critical to our operations, and every penny raised helps the children here learn new skills which are essential to learning.

In addition to our fundraising efforts, we also had a day of community connection! Our Facebook Thankathon reached out to numerous friends in the community from 7 am until 11 pm. We were blown away by GEM who was here to sing and dance with us. We also had fun making holiday cards that the children could bring home.

Here’s our GEM video!  

Campaign $ donors:

Judy Bartholomew  |  Francis & Debra Marchesini  |  Phyllis & Frank McGill  |  Carmen & Rosalind Sinicropi |  Ronald Lyon  | Brenda Dalmida  | Marjorie Powell |  Caroly Oill & Timonthy Coates | Virginia & Howard Young | Barbara & Owen  Germain | Teresa Low | Cindy & John Barkowski |  Kenneth Goad  |  Linda Schwab & Angla Fiore | Larry & Mari Bartholomew | Granville Walbridge | Elaine Beauchamp |  Kathleen Barrett  | James Courtney  |  IBEW Local 236 |  Rite Aid Foundation  |  Joan Jacques | Lauren & Colleen Mullen | Nonna Roytburd

Fundraising Champions: (Created FB fundraisers for Crossroads Giving Tuesday) $2085 Not counted into total above until we receive the remittances. Total: $1,670.00

| Laura Voght Pietromonaco | Annie Grzywaczewski  | Victoria Folino |  Kathleen Davis |  Kelly Young  |   Vicki Ramotar |  Phyllis McGill | Ruthann Kopcha | Rebecca Oliver |  Meg Leonard |  Lindsay Hall | Mandi Mandell | Laura Medieros |

Of the amount raised above, we raised $1099.85 with the AUCTION!
Item donors:

Phyllis & Frank McGill  |  Crossroads  |  Sid & Vicki Ramotar  |  Anonymous Donor |

Fund-a-Need donors (Staff Training and Professional Development):

Phyllis & Frank McGill  | Vicki Ramotar  | Kailynn Haley |

Auction winners:

              Bidding ended on 12/9.  Winners added 12/10: | Kathleen Davis  | James Courtney | Amy Reitschel  | Kailynn Haley | Dawn Montanye |  Vicki Ramotar  | Phyllis & Frank McGill |

Annual Appeal Page: If the calendar year matters in your charitable giving plans, please consider making a donation before midnight on 12/31/21 to have it count for your ’21 tax returns!

DONATE NOW to our Annual Appeal

Read this great article from the folks at Giving Tuesday!

Generosity Lit Up The World. What started in 2012 as a simple idea–a day that encouraged people to do good–has grown into a worldwide phenomenon inspiring millions of people to give back and reach out in kindness each year. GivingTuesday reports that people contributed $2.7 billion to U.S. nonprofits and community organizations in 24 hours on #GivingTuesday 2021- a 9% increase from 2020.  35 million adults in the U.S. participated in many ways on GivingTuesday 2021. Volunteering on the day increased by 11% and gifts of goods (clothes, food, supplies, etc.) saw an 8% increase compared to 2020. Read more here. “GivingTuesday is joyful even at the darkest of times, and yesterday was about millions of people celebrating their ability to meaningfully impact their communities and the world,” says Asha Curran, co-founder and CEO of GivingTuesday.” “Giving is an important metric of civic participation, a way to build the kind of society we want to live in. Our hope is that this boost of generosity is an inspiration for continued giving, kindness, and recognition of our shared humanity each day of the year.” Thank you lighting the world. Yours in generosity, The GivingTuesday Team

— Giving Tuesday Team

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