100th Day of School Celebrated at Crossroads.

February 21, 2020

A wonderful and exciting classroom theme is the 100th Day of School. On Friday 2/14, Room 14 celebrated this extra special day with a lot of really fun 100-themed activities.

The class was busy all day with activities such as adding the hundredth scale to Wyatt, the 100-days dragon. Wyatt is a paper dragon who the students named back in the fall. Each day since the beginning of the school year, they have added one scale to his body, so getting to 100 was pretty exciting!

The students decorated hats and necklaces to wear in celebration of the special day. Also the kids brought in 100 of an object of their choosing; different objects such as goldfish, marshmallows, pennies, and mini erasers became awesome collections of 100 for the students to show and tell with each other. They made the cool place-mats that are pictured below, and then counted out by tens to make and eat 100 yummy snacks. Writing about what they want to do before turning 100 years old was an especially great activity, challenging students to think abstractly into the future as well as formulating their ideas in words.

Mrs. Lindsay, the classroom teacher reports that the kids were super excited to celebrate this special day. She is very proud of her students for their engagement!

Many thanks to Lindsay for the great pictures and for taking the time to write about what her class is up to! This was a great theme!



LYFT Wheels For All grant to help Crossroads Center for ChildrenTHANK YOU, Rite Aid Kid Cents!